Let’s look at the functionality of the thin mattresses. Let’s consider in what cases they will be needed, where they are most often used and who needs them without any. Let’s analyze all the features under a microscope, which means we can save money and correctly select the model for your needs.

Adjusting the stiffness

Firstly, thin mattresses are used to change the stiffness of the main mattress, if not guessed when buying. They’re also called toppers and futons. Thickness of such a mattress up to 10 centimeters, may consist of one solid or several layers of different fillers.

If you have too hard a bed, which is uncomfortable to rest on, you can choose a soft thin mattress and increase the comfort of your rest without a heavy burden on the budget. By analogy, it is worth acting with a sleeping surface that is too soft. Find a stiff futon or topper in size and increase the orthopedic effect of the sleeping place.

Leveling the surface

Secondly, thin mattresses smooth out the irregularities on an old sofa or bed. They will be a reliable helper in creating harmony in the sleeping place. Slim models are no less popular among tourists and countrymen. They become a faithful friend on a hike or a trip to nature.

You can choose from a range of models with natural latex, which provide a soft and smooth surface. Rigid, slim coconut coir mattresses are suitable for teenagers who are full of people and those who have recurrent back pains due to a mattress that is not properly matched or is old. The material with memory effect will allow you to feel all the delights of modern achievements in the field of sleep.

Thin mattresses do not replace classic mattresses, but correct the shortcomings of existing ones.

Why buy a thin mattress?

It is recommended to buy a thin mattress for those who are tired of protruding springs and irregularities in the old sleeping place. Often people are not ready to spend the right amount on a complete mattress renovation, and toppers and futons can save on the purchase and comfortable rest.

Sleeping on an old and uncomfortable bed leads to back and lower back pains, broken in the morning and throughout the day. A quality thin mattress easily smoothes out inconveniences and increases the comfort of your rest. It can be attached to the surface with the help of angled elastic bands and, with the right filler, ensures a strong healthy sleep.

A slim mattress saves your position if you buy two single mattresses instead of one double. The situation can be corrected with an topper, which creates a perfectly smooth surface.