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* Do you know what the DNS cache is?

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DNS cache, also known as DNS resolver cache, keeps the data for previous DNS lookups for a certain amount of time. In this storage are saved the various DNS records, like an A record and the IP address of the domain name. Thus, the DNS cache holds a copy of such information of all of the previously visited domain names. All of the DNS information for a specific domain is going to be stored in the DNS resolver cache for a time determined by the TTL (Time-To-Live) value.

During the complete DNS resolution process, the DNS resolver has to pass through several servers to resolve a DNS query for a domain successfully. But, on the other hand, the process is way more efficient and fast thanks to the DNS cache, where all the needed data is held.

If you want to see the DNS cache of your device, it is very simple to complete it. You just have to perform a very simple command on Windows. In case you are a macOS or a Linux user, there is also a fitting command for them.

We recommend you the following article to understand how to check or flush your DNS cache!