A spacious and bright bedroom is the key to a good mood, productive day and good night. It is in these aspects of daily life that a bed with a lifting mechanism of various sizes and modifications acts as a faithful assistant.

Sometimes even a small detail in the form of bed linen, which does not fit into the closet or dust on the mattress during the day, can negatively affect the mood. In modern beds with a lifting mechanism, you can protect your bed from external influences. Large linen niches keep it fresh and keep the bedroom clean.

Dimensions and finishing materials

As for the size, there is no limit to the choice of buyer. You can buy single beds, one and a half beds and double beds with a spacious bed space. Single and one and a half beds can be used both for front and side mattress lifting. The front lifting mechanism is more frequently used in comfortable large double bed models.

A huge selection of finishing materials will satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of comfort and style. The soft headboard upholstered with natural and eco leather in a variety of colors and shades will not just fit perfectly into the interior, but will decorate the room and reflect your own style. The main advantage of such upholstery is practicality, as well as convenience during cleaning.

If to consider an upholstery from textured fabrics, such as Lofty or Velosoft – it is first of all coziness and comfort. The main advantages are the soft and pleasant sensations of contact with this material.

Lovers of minimalism should pay attention to the beds upholstered in Glasgow, with a texture of horn. Many models are completed with bedside tables and chest of drawers with a facade upholstered with the same fabric.

The soft upholstery all around the bed is a harmonious accessory for comfort, chic and of course, safety.

Practical benefits

The arsenal of beds with lifting devices has many advantages. They save space in the room thanks to a spacious box. With the limited size of the bedroom, it is just a find. Here you can store not only bed linen, but also seasonal things, blankets, anything. This is a universal keeper of order, tranquility and good mood.

Let’s look at the main benefits:

  • Extends the service life of bed linen and keeps it fresh.
  • Visually extends the room space.
  • Solves the problem of storing seasonal things.
  • Simplifies cleaning.
  • Frees up space for personal items in the closet and chest of drawers.

The modern bed lift mechanism is a gas or spring shock absorber that does all the work. With this device you do not need to be a weightlifter. Light force is enough and a spacious bedside space is at your disposal. Simple, comfortable and practical.

There is a difference in PM beds and cost, but the practical benefits of them clearly outweigh this disadvantage.

Variety of choices and budget options

If the size of the bedroom does not allow the use of a regular PM bed, you can pay attention to options with side lifting mechanism. These are practical and no less interesting models. You will find a suitable variant for yourself and expand the useful area.

But what to do if you want to rationalize the space, and there is not enough money for a bed with a lifting mechanism? In this case, you should pay attention to the presence of drawers. They are less spacious, but the bed linen will be reliably protected from dust and other negative factors.