When choosing children’s mattresses, not all parents know how to do it properly. We will try to correct the situation and tell in this review the basic criteria for selection. Let’s look at the properties of the materials used for the production of children’s mattresses. We will also give some examples with the analysis of their disadvantages and advantages.

Features of children’s mattresses

The peculiarities of children’s mattresses are first of all their purpose. Ideally, they should contribute to the correct posture of the child. And from birth to 3 years, orthopedists recommend the use of hard mattresses for children.

From 0 to 3 years old

The best filler of models for newborns is rightly considered a natural material coconut coir. It does not cause allergies, perfectly passes the air, does not retain moisture, it does not reproduce pathogenic bacteria. It is possible to use a combination of coconut coir and natural latex, which will add elasticity and elasticity to the mattress.

For the youngest children it is desirable to buy a mattress with coconut coir top layer, and children after six months can be laid on a softer surface with an upper layer of natural latex. Thanks to the maximum elasticity, the material keeps the child’s body in the right position, providing comfort in any position. Your baby sleeps calmly and fully relaxed, while the mattress provides an orthopedic effect.

When buying a child mattress is worth paying attention to such a feature as a removable cover. This, seemingly small thing can significantly simplify care and provide your child with always fresh and clean surface of the sleeping place.

From 3 to 7 years.

At this age, the surface of the mattress should be moderately rigid. The weight of the child increases, he begins to rotate often in his sleep, so it is possible to use models with independent spring block. They help to quickly take a comfortable position and support the child’s spine.

In addition to coconut coir and latex, you can pay attention to children’s mattresses with strutto and hollofiber fillers. This is an elastic material in which the spiral fibres are woven in an upright position. This provides support for the musculoskeletal system of the adult body.

From 7 to 12 years and older.

For children at this age and teenagers, an average mattress stiffness is recommended. Active games, sports, long sitting on a chair loads the lumbar and cervical spine of the child. Children’s mattresses with different stiffness sides can be used for optimal rest and unloading of the spine. In addition to the above, high elastic foam and memory effect material will be suitable as fillers. Memory foam exactly repeats each bend in the child’s body and promotes normal blood circulation, relieves muscle strain.