Everyone wants to provide comfort and coziness in the bedroom. But how to choose an inexpensive mattress and satisfy all your wishes in terms of quality and characteristics? We will help you to understand the types and types of budget models. We will also give some examples from our catalog with their advantages and disadvantages. By the end of this small article, you will be able to choose the right inexpensive mattresses for yourself and give valuable advice to your friends.

Advantages of budget mattresses

The main advantage of models from this category is their low cost. Absolutely all well-known brands produce budget series of mattresses, which pass the same quality tests as the more expensive models. They are created from quality materials, have a corporate logo, the guarantee of the manufacturer.

The impressive range of mattresses with low cost allows you to choose the best option for the design of sleeping space for each person. Also inexpensive models are suitable for use on summer residences, in hostels, hotel complexes. Some springless thin mattresses can be taken with you on a picnic or used for games with a child.

Features of inexpensive mattresses

In the production of inexpensive mattresses, in most cases, the minimum thickness of the material layer is used, which provides an optimal level of comfort during rest. Also, modern artificial fillers make it possible to reduce the cost of the finished product. At the same time, they retain the necessary properties – hypoallergenicity, durability and convenience.

Shortcomings of budget mattresses

Most inexpensive mattresses have the following common disadvantages:

  • a small bed load;
  • inexpensive artificial fillers;
  • minimal thickness or lack of natural fillers.